In the middle of the third, rebranded shutdown, some have had enough. Reopen everything Feb 26th.

OKANOGAN COUNTY – If only Washington State used more accurate data, there would be a total of four regions in the state under Governor Jay Inslee’s arbitrary “Roadmap to Recovery” that would have moved forward to Phase 2 in what is now the Governor’s third, rebranded shutdown. This is the disturbing finding of a new report from the Washington Policy Center.

WA Phased Regions Map - Roadmap to Recovery plan

OKANOGAN COUNTY – Governor Jay Inslee’s “Roadmap to Recovery” phased opening plan, which is somewhat simplified from his previous 2020 phased opening plan, is only a few weeks old, but is already awash in significant problems and is being heavily criticized by both sides of the political aisle.

Spy watching

OKANOGAN COUNTY – The “citizen informer”. It’s very common under totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. After all, there often aren’t enough secret police to watch everyone, all the time. But if everyone in such a dystopian society is watching everyone else, and reporting the arbitrary crimes “to the authorities” in return for an “atta-boy” pat on the head, and feelings of virtuousness and overall betterness, well, it’s so much easier for those in control at the top. Never mind all those at the bottom living in constant terror for the pounding at their door.

Computer Hacker

OKANOGAN COUNTY – System administrators for the county’s Central Services were alerted to an attack or intrusion at around 2am on Saturday, January 16th. The situation was determined to be over and above the county IT employees knowledge and experience, and out of the scope that they normally work within. So all county systems were immediately shut down over that weekend to halt the progress of the attack and preserve data.

Showing cash money

OKANOGAN COUNTY – We present an analysis of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) data for the 2020 Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans for Okanogan County. These PPP loans are from Donald Trump’s efforts to mitigate the impact of coronavirus restrictions on small businesses and save businesses and jobs. The data here is from larger loans of over $150,000 dollars. This over-$150k loan data from the SBA provides the loan amounts and names and addresses of the recipient companies for better transparency.