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We see that there's a lot going on nationally, events are moving fast, and there's seemingly much going on behind the scenes that we are not fully aware of. And with that, there's been rumors of a plausible possibility of the internet going down soon, as part of everything else taking place to keep the people in the dark and remove certain viewpoints from the discussion. Be prepared for your email not working, your cloud services not working - with all your data there inaccessible, and your banking and other important sites not working.

The way that this takedown would likely be done by Big Tech bad actors wouldn't involve actually cutting lines or otherwise physically interfering with cables, but instead poisoning a critical translator service between humans and computers (DNS). If the internet does go down in that manner, then this means that you could still reach the site you wanted if you already had the connection information and could override the bad or missing data.

Here's how to do this for

(Save these instructions to your own computer or print them out!)

For Windows & Chrome browser

1) Open Windows Explorer. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
2) The file name is called 'hosts'. Open it for editing in a plain text editor such as Notepad. (Not Word or Wordpad)
3) Copy the next line and paste it on a line all by itself, somewhere below all the text with # symbols beginning the lines: emergency.themethow

4) Save the edited file. This is a system file, so you may have to provide administrator permissions.
5) Open your browser. Go to https://emergency.themethow to confirm that you can see the site.
6) You will get a certificate security warning. It's safe to bypass this because we know the domain name doesn't match. Your traffic is still encrypted in transit.
7) To bypass the warning, click on the Advanced button. Then click on "proceed to emergency.themethow (unsafe)". If you followed these steps correctly, then you should see the site.

If you've successfully done exactly as directed, then this will allow you to access the alternate TheMethow url, and won't mess anything else up if the internet is working normally.

If nothing happens, then this config isn't needed and won't be used, but if the internet is broken, this could be the patch that fixes part of it and restores some communications.

We will keep this config on our side so that if this same trick is pulled anytime in the future, we can still continue to provide local communications and bring you the news. Make sure you have a printout of this article near your computer to refer to, as you won't be able to search for or load it after an outage happens.

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