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OKANOGAN COUNTY – TheMethow.com is offering paid bounties to local writers for accepted articles of interest. The offered rate is 5.5 cents per word, which comes to a bit over $40 for a standard article of about 750 words. No journalism degree is required, but writers should be able to communicate clearly in English, have researched the subject and included the necessary information. Answering the “Five Ws” is a good place to start.

TheMethow.com is primarily interested in Methow Valley and in-county news articles, some kinds of local human interest stories, as well as interviews with long-time residents or other interesting people. Other media, such as videos and photographs, may also be accepted.

You may use the contact link on the main menu to pitch your article idea to gauge our interest. If you have already written your article, you may also submit your articles there. Alternatively, you can signup with an account here, and then ask for an account upgrade in order to submit your articles via the site publishing system.

Articles will be subject to editing and proofing, as needed, before publication, with the writer being included in that process. Paid articles accepted will be exclusive to TheMethow.com.

There’s a possibility of continuing part-time employment as reporters for one or two interested writers. 

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Jingles replied the topic: #163 1 year 9 months ago

What Happened to the Methow Valley

What happened to the Methow Valley?
Once upon a time in the not to distant past, only maybe the last 30 to 35 years, the Methow Valley was a wonderful, friendly place to live. Where folks knew their neighbors and if a neighbor ( anyone) actually needed help with a project you could count on someone showing up to help often without being asked as it was the thing to do, used to be called being neighborly.

There was an attitude that you were free to do what you enjoyed be it ride a horse, ride a bicycle, ride a WATV or even in the back of a pickup truck, you could skinny ski, you could hike, if , where and when you wanted as long as it wasn’t on private property without permission of property owner, and often all you had to do was ask to get permission

If 2 folks had a differing opinion on a topic they sat down with a cup of coffee at Jack’s, Sam’s Place or the counter of the Tenderfoot to work out an agreement that was satisfactory to both.
There was a general attitude of acceptance, not exclusion, which has proved to be a BIG MISTAKE, as that acceptance has come around to bite them in the ass. As folks moved here because of that friendly, accepting, neighborly attitude that they did not have where they came from, and instead of accepting and assimilating to what was here they had to start changing the valley to what they came here to get away from, and criticized others for doing what they enjoyed, with their Don’t do this or that, because I don’t like it, you can only do what I like and approve of.

Well as a resident of the Valley for over 30+ years that came to the valley because of the way it was and freedom to enjoy the area as I saw fit. To the newcomers that insist on having things your way instead of you changing to fit in what was here, take your, I and me, selfish, exclusion attitudes, pack your bags and move back to where you came from, or anywhere other than the Methow Valley.
Vern Herrst