METHOW VALLEY – A local school board candidate was unable to continue her campaign recently, largely due to the impact of a monetary fine imposed by the state’s Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). Michelle Randolph, a candidate for Director position 4 for Methow Valley School District #350, made the decision to withdraw as part of a settlement with the PDC.

There is an elevated national public concern that the teachings of "Critical Race Theory" (CRT) are being adopted or proposed for use in public schools. The Okanogan County Patriots movement shares this concern, leading to our involvement in discussions with our Omak School District.

Housing. Photo by Tierra Mallorca

This next week is your last chance to have your voice loudly heard for lower property taxes til late in 2022. You can do this by signing the petition for Initiative I-1786. Your state representatives have either declined to reduce taxes and have even raised them further, or, as the political minority, have not been able to pass any legislation to reduce taxes. It’s up to the people now.

Photo by Anthony Garand.

Where is liberty today? It is one of the founding principles in our Declaration of Independence.  Yet it is not being upheld.  Black Lives Matter demonstrators are free to demonstrate, but they have stepped outside the freedom of assembly to coerce people and destroy property and businesses.  On the political front, there is no bipartisanship because either side abhors the principles of the other side.  Bills are discussed and passed on party lines without rational discussion and input from those who see the issues differently. 

Tax Form. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich.

We’ve verified that TaxAct’s downloadable 2020 tax preparation software ($20) won't allow a very basic return to be printed or filed if it contains a 1099-G form, and instead insists on a $30 upcharge to proceed. The 1099-G form is primarily used for reporting unemployment income and many family and medical leave payments.