Vaccine Injection

Governor Inslee's continued struggles with coronavirus-related logistics has caused a slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout within the state, and the delays have now extended the planned timelines for vaccinating essential workers into April, with the general population after that. Under Inslee's administration, Washington state currently ranks 47th among the states in administering the COVID-19 vaccine, with only 34.8% of doses received being used. Oregon is at 64.7%. But as the fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines start becoming available to more people, we are providing this vaccine information to help people to do their own research and be prepared for an informed decision, before getting to the clinic.

For each COVID-19 vaccine authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that vaccine recipients or their caregivers are provided with certain vaccine-specific EUA information to help make an informed decision about vaccination. This is accomplished by providing an EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers. The Fact Sheet is similar in purpose and content to vaccine information statements (VISs) for licensed vaccines but differs in that the EUA Fact Sheet is specific to each authorized COVID-19 vaccine, is developed by the manufacturer of the vaccine, and is authorized by the FDA.

COVID-19 Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients

COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients


 The following image is a list of the patient acknowledgements from the Patient Acknowledgement form as used by North Valley Hospital, Tonasket, WA:

COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Acknowledgements
COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Acknowledgements as used by North Valley Hospital, Tonasket
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